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A Listing Of CAT Seminars

barbados 024The Party”…On Alcohol & Other Drugs
This presentation has continued to evolve over the past 20 years. It is the result from the input of hundreds of youth. This is why it has been so successful. This 30-90 minute presentation is aimed at audiences from third to twelfth grade. It is extremely effective for middle to high schools, churches, youth groups and summer institutes. We utilize drama, slides and audience participation to explain the dangers of alcohol, marijuana, crack/cocaine and other drugs as time and objectives allow. We talk about peer pressure. Questions are asked and prizes are given away. It is a very high energy assembly that is enjoyable. The students are entertained and retain the information they’ve learned. It has received the highest praise from principals, teachers, Safe & Drug Free School Coordinators and most importantly the students themselves nationwide.

Teaches participants how to develop and deliver various types of speeches and workshops. It is a one-hour to full day workshop. In its basic form we would like two hours. This workshop was developed to help train SADD, SWAT(Florida’s Students Working Against Tobacco), FBLA and other community minded youth to speak to community, legislative DSCN1271bodies and peers about issues important to them. Participants actually create and deliver a speech during the workshop. They can come to the workshop with a topic or speech and they will be speaking before the workshop is complete! It is also a wonderful workshop for conferences. Most participants are required to present back what they learn at a workshop to their local bodies. This shows them how to create an outline and deliver whatever information they have learned before they leave the conference. It is fun, energizing. There is no other workshop like it!!

“SKILLgramming” or PROgramming?
Designed for recreation leaders, summer program workers and other adults who work with young people. The is totally activity driven! We focus on how to integrate skill building into existing activities, introduce outside resources to help, introduce activities that are fun yet develop self-esteem, listening skills and help young people work together regardless of the circumstances. We introduce performing arts projects that are simple and utilize inherent talents of young people. Activities range from quiet rainy days to physical movement, but always creative.


Keynote Speeches
We have developed several motivational speeches that have been given at state and National Prevention Conferences, SADD, FBLA, SWAT, 4-H and other student and adult conferences. We can also create speeches based on your objectives. Our premiere speech is A.C.T.I.O.N. This stands for Awareness, Character, Initiative, Offensive and Nobody But Me.

Conflict Resolution 
Young people see conflict and violence daily and have not been adequately taught how to deal with it in their own lives. The workshop gives teachers, parents and young people skills, ideas and practical solutions to enable them to teach young and old how to handle conflicts non-violently. We will search the rood causes of conflict and violence, the escalation process and role play skills needed to resolve conflicts. We can also train teachers how to set up a peer mediation program by infusing this information into their curriculum so as not to compromise their teaching time. We have done this workshop in communities, churches, community centers across the world.

Anguilla 2009 004Setting Goals For Youth
Explores why and how to set goals. Each student will be required to map out their lives for the next 10 years. We will introduce positive and negative situations that might occur in their life that could change their outcomes. When complete, most of them will have three different road maps for their lives. One aspect of the workshop will focus on financial goals. We will focus on what their financial desires are and how they can get their. A staggering percentage of youth are already in financial trouble because they don’t understand the basics of money, taxes, credit cards etc.

Skits, Skits and More Skits
Teaches young people how to create an idea for a skit, rap, play, etc. We can also teach them to perform the “Turn Around” drug prevention skit made famous by America’s PRIDE group.

SWAT Training (Students Working Against Tobacco)
I was there at the beginning of SWAT and the TRUTH commercials. We can do officer training, media training and History of SWAT training. The new issues emerging today are flavored tobacco products and multi-unit dwelling smoking. We do a pre and post test and give you the results to measure actual learning percentages from the workshop.

The Leadership Challenge
Bring your group to this workshop to engage in a plethora of leadership activities that build understanding and character. They will be able to bring these activities back to their home location to help train other potential leaders in their school and neighborhood.


Custom Made Workshops – We Will Create A Workshop Based On Your Goals. Many of our workshops are a hybrid of existing ones.